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Sales and Specials

                                    Low Prices on Fillers!!

A common treatment for naso-labial folds on the sides of the mouth is Radiesse.  Most treatments are mixed with lidocaine which makes injection very tolerable for the patient.    The cost of one treatment is determined by the amount of filler, but is usually  $550. 
Talk about value!!

                               Discount Coupons for Our Customers

After any full filler or botox treatment (1 syringe), you will be given a discount of $50 for a full treatment of botox or filler for your birthday (if taken within two months after your birthday).
Now that's the way to start a new year!


Discount on Sculptra, the Collagen Stimulant
Called A Liquid Facelift,
one treatment (one vial) usually costs $1,000 to $2,000.  We are discounting one treatment vial of Sculptra at the great price of $850.00.  Why? Because Dr. Gee really loves the results of this treatment and we hate to see people passing it by because of the price.

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